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12/04/2019TuningfileUpdated files for Golf GTE Audi E-tronWe tuned this engine to 280ps&480nm (without DSG/S-Tronic limiter 310ps)
27/03/2019TuningfileBmw mg1 Pop&Bang now ready!We validated the Pop&Bang allready on the 550i/530i/140i
21/02/2019TuningfileFord Fiesta/Focus 1.0 Ecoboost MG1CS016We have finished the development of the new Ford 1.0 Ecoboost MG1CS016.
03/02/2019TuningfileMerceds A200 & A250 MED17.7.7Mercedes A200 & A250 MED17.7.7 tuningfiles ready!
04/12/2018TuningfileSaab 9-5 2.0T Delco rev version 280hp/420nm
30/11/2018TuningfileZF8HP TCU Tuningfiles ready!Some examples Bmw 135i N55/520D MG1/140i MG1/550D MD1 etc etc
26/11/2018TuningfileRenault 0.9 TCE Valeo new files readyRenault 0.9 TCE Valeo new files ready (boost cut 3/4 gear solved)
26/11/2018TuningfileOpel Corsa 1.6 Turbo 204hp delco stage 2 ready!We touched 240hp and 350nm on this stage 2!
10/11/2018TuningfileVolvo VEA new egr solution!Volvo VEA new egr solution!
29/10/2018TuningfileBmw M5 F90 Mg1 stage 2 tuning ready!With the stage 2 we go over 700hp easily, the stock Vmax we raised to more then 350km/h
15/09/2018TuningfilePop & bang/crackle map for Opel/GM Delco 1.4/1.6/2.0We have finished some new Popbang solutions on the Opel/GM delco ecu's
07/08/2018TuningfileMany Bmw MD1&MG1 files ready!We are back from summer holidays and now have a complete focus on the new BMW MD1 and MG1 series. Almost all engines are developed.
14/07/2018TuningfileVw Up GTI tuning file ready!
10/07/2018TuningfileSummer holidaysFrom July 12th till August 5th during the summer holiday we will provide the same high quality files, only delivery times can be longer than usual. So please do not open any tickets regarding delivery time, we do the best we can! Thank you for your understanding and have a great summer!
11/06/2018TuningfileThe best and fastest webshop for chiptuningproductsPro-TuningTools.com
24/05/2018TuningfileRenault SID 307, Improvement 1.5 DCI FILES
04/05/2018TuningfileVolvo 1.5T/2.0T VEA engines tuningfiles ready!
28/02/2018TuningfileVolvo 2.0D denso tuningfiles R&D in progress
31/01/2018TuningfileWarranty patches Bmw/Mini/VAGWarranty patches Bmw/Mini/VAG for all EDC17/MED17 after our patch its impossible to see that a new software is inside the ecu!
05/01/2018TuningfileEdC17C84 all adblue off tested!
06/12/2017TuningfileEmbedded tuning specificationsFrom now on you also can use our vehicle database! For more info, check our website.
22/11/2017TuningfilePerformance Gauge now scalable @ all Bmw with Sport gaugePerformance gauge now scalable @ all Bmw with sport gauge
20/10/2017TuningfileTuningfile Volvo 1.6 D2 ECU: Siemens/Continental SID807EVO 140pk en 320NMTuningfile Volvo 1.6 D2 ECU: Siemens/Continental SID807EVO 140pk en 320NM
06/10/2017TuningfileTuningfile Audi Rs6 4.0TFSI stage 3 @ 780hp & 1050nm Audi RS6 4.0TFSI stage 3 @ 780hp & 1050nm (Loba 800) 2.8Bar (limited)Tuningfile Audi Rs6 4.0TFSI stage 3 @ 780hp & 1050nm Audi RS6 4.0TFSI stage 3 @ 780hp & 1050nm (Loba 800) 2.8Bar (limited)
29/09/2017TuningfileTuningfile Audi s7 420hp stage 3 with LOBA Turbo @ 700hp & 920nm Audi s7 420hp stage 3 with LOBA Turbo @ 700hp & 920nm 2.7bar (limited)Tuningfile Audi s7 420hp stage 3 with LOBA Turbo @ 700hp & 920nm Audi s7 420hp stage 3 with LOBA Turbo @ 700hp & 920nm 2.7bar (limited)
16/09/2017TuningfileNissan Navara/Renault Master 2.3 DCI SID310 Tuningfile readyNissan Navara/Renault Master 2.3 DCI SID310 Tuningfile ready
01/09/2017TuningfileTuningfile Audi S1 Stage 3 TTE-470 @ 440hp&440nm (limited)Audi S1 Stage 3 TTE-470 @ 440hp&440nm (limited)
29/08/2017TuningfileTuningfiles ready for A 160/180CDI SID307/310 (write with CMD OBD)Tuningfile 29/08/2017 Tuningfiles ready for A 160/180CDI SID307/310 Tuningfiles ready for A 160/180CDI SID307/310 (write with CMD OBD)
19/08/2017TuningfileFord me9 225hp/305hp antilag ready!Ford me9 225hp/305hp antilag ready!
12/08/2017TuningfileSsangyong-rexton-22-e-xdi-178hpSsangyong-rexton-22-e-xdi-178hp-DCM6.2 Tuningfile ready!
12/08/2017TuningfileRenault 2.0 DCI 175hp EDC17C84Renault 2.0 DCI 175hp EDC17C84 Tuningfile ready! incl Tprot Patch
16/06/2017TuningfileFORD TRANSIT 2.0 TDCiFORD TRANSIT 2.0 TDCi ECOBLUE SID211 Tuningfiles ready! Read and write by CMD
01/05/2017TuningfileFORD F150 3.5SCTI TUNINGFILE READYFord F150 3.5SCTI tuningfile ready!
10/04/2017TuningfileDEVELOPMEMENT MERCEDES M271.8XXDevelopment Mercedes M271Evo, 271.8XX, MB 180CGI, 200CGI, 250CGI tuningfiles ready!
04/04/2017TuningfileANTILAG MED9 DEVELOPMENTREADYWe are proud that we have finished the Antilag MED9 development, we make the programming in our own company.
19/02/2017TuningfilePOPS & BANGS Bmw 116i MED 17 Pops & Bangs ready! Bmw 3.20i MED 17 Pops & Bangs ready! Ford Focus med 9 Pops & Bangs ready! Vw Golf 6 GTI MED9 & MED17 Pops & Bangs ready!
18/02/2017TuningfilePOPS & BANGS 1.4 TSI MED 17 Pops & Bangs ready! 1.8 TSI MED 17 Pops & Bangs ready! Bmw 335i MSD 80 Pops & Bangs ready! Fiat Me7 Pops & Bangs ready! Bmw 335i MED17 Pops & Bangs ready!
15/02/2017TuningfileVw Golf 7 1.6 TDI DCM6.2 110hp Vw Golf 7 1.6 TDI DCM6.2 110hp Tuning file ready @ 138hp & 330nm!
07/02/2017TuningfileFord transit 2.2 TDCI SID209 Tuning + addblue solution development ready! Ford transit 2.2 TDCI SID209 Tuning + addblue solution development ready!
01/02/2017TuningfileSeat Ibiza 1.4 TDI DCM6.2 +20hp +50nm ! Seat Ibiza 1.4 TDI DCM6.2 +20hp +50nm !
27/01/2017TuningfileTuningfile Volkwagen 2.0 TDI DCM6.2 Ready! We tuned today the 2.0 TDI DCM6.2 102hp & 204hp!
16/01/2017TuningfileVAG 1.2 TDI 75hp DCM3.7 tuningfile ready! VAG 1.2 TDI 75hp DCM3.7 tuningfile ready!
04/01/2017TuningfileOpel-Renault 1.6d EDC17 C84 @ 165hp & 380nm
02/12/2016TuningfilePeugeot 308 2.0 BLUE HDI 150hp DCM6.2 @ 190hp & 440nm
01/12/2016TuningfileAudi S5 3.0 TFSI SIMOS 16 Tuningfile ready!
30/11/2016TuningfileAlfa Giulia qv 2016 2.9 Bi-turbo Tuning file ready!
30/11/2016TuningfilePorsche Macan 2.0 TFSI Simos 18 Tuningfile ready!
03/11/2016TuningfileFendt 924 236hp testing finished!
03/11/2016TuningfileToyota Landcruiser 2016 v8 petrol tuning file + speed lim defeat ready
30/09/2016DevelopmentGolf R SIMOS 18 Crackle map tested
30/09/2016TuningfileAlfa Romeo 2.2 JTD 180hp @ 210hp EDC17C69
30/09/2016TuningfileFord Fiesta 1.5 TDCI 95hp EDC17C70
09/09/2016TuningfileMegane 2.0T & Clio 1.6T Popbang/crackle map
11/06/2016TuningfileLexus RC200t 2.0T @ 270hp
11/06/2016Super MappackVito EDC17C66 super mappack online on oure EVC server
06/05/2016Super MappackLand Rover 2.0D EDC17_CP55 super mappack online
05/05/2016Super MappackFord Focus/Mondeo DCM 6.1 super mappack online
24/03/2016Super MappackLandrover 2.2 D super mappack EDC17CP42
24/03/2016Super MappackPorsche Turbo SDI 9
24/03/2016Super MappackRenault/Dacia 1.5 DCI EDC17_C84
17/02/2016TuningfileFord Ranger 3.2 TDCI SDI 9
02/02/2016Super MappackMEVD17.2.5 Super Mappack Uploaded in Evc Database
02/02/2016Super MappackMEVD17.2.9 Super Mappack Uploaded
28/01/2016TuningfileCitroen DS3 1.6 THP 165hp @ 215hp MED17.4.4
27/01/2016TuningfileTuningpatch ready EDC17C60
01/01/2016DevelopmentEcutek tuning for Nissan GT-R Now Available
01/01/2016DevelopmentCobbtuning Nissan R35 GTR Now available
01/01/2016DevelopmentUprev tuningfiles now available
01/01/2016TuningfileSpecial Tuning on Demand. Turbo kits for Audi R8/Lamborghini/Ferrari/Bmw
30/12/2015TuningfileNow Developed MED17.7.3.1 320 3.0L T
30/12/2015TuningfileBentley Continental GT 4.0L V8T
18/12/2015DevelopmentAll Denso Toyota Solution
17/12/2015TuningfileLexus IS-F gain 30HP/60NM
19/11/2015TuningfileLexus IS 220D @ 210hp & 430 nm
13/11/2015TuningfileJaguar Xe 2.0D 2015 EDC17CP55 Tuningfile Developed
13/11/2015DevelopmentNew Winols (NOREAD) Removal
10/11/2015Super MappackKIA Sorento 2015 2.2CRDI Super Mappack+Tune Uploaded
10/11/2015MappackKIA Sorento 2015 2.2CRDI Limited Mappack+Tune Uploaded
06/11/2015TuningfileVAG 1.2 TSI 105hp MED17.5.21 @ 105 hp > 130 hp 175 nm >225 nm
05/11/2015TuningfileLexus IS300 2006 Tuningfile (Stage1+Stage2+Vmax) Uploaded
05/11/2015TuningfileToyota Mark-X 2.5L 2006 JDM Stage 1 + Vmax Uploaded
04/11/2015MappackLexus IS220D Mappack + Stage 1 & 2(Dpf EGR) Uploaded
29/10/2015TuningfileOpel Astra 2.0 CDTI 204hp edc17cp47 @ 250 hp 410nm > 476 nm
29/10/2015TuningfileHonda Civic 1.6 CDTI EDC17C58 120hp > 154hp 300nm > 354nm
29/10/2015TuningfileBmw F20 1.35i MEVD17.2.6 315hp @ 400hp 450nm > 580nm Ron 98
22/10/2015MappackSpecial Alpha-N Build E60 M5 V10 MSS65 Mappack incl tune @ 570hp
22/10/2015MappackSpecial Alpha-N Build E46 M3 MSS54 3.2L IL6 Mappack
20/10/2015TuningfileToyota Landcruiser 4.7L V8
20/10/2015TuningfileToyota Reiz 2.5L V6 2013
20/10/2015TuningfileToyota Hilux 2.5L D4D 2014
20/10/2015Super MappackAudi S7 4.0L TFSI
20/10/2015TuningfileMB GLA200CGI
20/10/2015Super MappackRanger Rover Sports 5.0L V8 2014
20/10/2015TuningfilePorsche Cayenne V6 Diesel 3.0L TDI
30/09/2015MappackBmw E60 M5 5.0L V10


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