About ChiptuningFile-Service.com

ChiptuningFile-Service.com  provides custom made ECU tuning files for gasoline, hybrid and diesel engines for increased power, better performance and improved fuel efficiency. Our tuning files are made by tuners, for tuners and are always high quality. Chiptuning File Service has its own ECU recovery department and provides service to chiptuners, repair shops, car dealers and individuals.

ChiptuningFile-Service Process

We deliver modified tuning files to our customers in just four easy steps:

  1. Create a free account.
  2. Upload the original tuningfile and provide the details of your car.
  3. Chiptuning File Service modifies the file to your needs and wishes. 
  4. Within an hour you can download the modified file service in your ChiptuningFile Service.com account.

Why choose ChiptuningFile-Service.com ?

  • Custom high quality, safe and Dyno-tested remapped files.
  • Tuning files with the best performance results.
  • Special requests and requirements are welcome.
  • 95% of the files are dyno-tested.
  • High customer service level, technical support.
  • No standard online file portal, always personal contact.
  • Chiptuningfile-service.com supports all tools and all checksums on the market
  • Reasonable prices and dealer benefits.
  • Stage 1, stage 2, stage 3, Vmax, DTC and DPF programming.
  • 6 Dynostar Dyno's for testing in our own facilities.
  • Programmers from Europe and the Netherlands with over 10 years experience in automotive software development and chiptuning.
  • We deliver quality!

You can trust our files to be of the highest quality. All files by ChiptuningFile-Service.com are tested extensively on the road and our dyno test bench. You can upload your Dyno Test Graph so we can perform additional tweaks of your software. To ensure safe and high quality files, we only offer tested files in our database.

We can modify your software to provide more power, better performance, increased torque, a smoother ride and improved fuel efficiency:

  • Gasoline engines without turbo usually see increases from 10-30hp and 10-14Nm
  • The new turbo gasoline and turbo diesel engines usually get 30-80hp more and between 40-150Nm additional torque.
  • Tuning turbo gasoline and turbo diesel engines use 1-9% less fuel.

Different types of tuning files

ChiptuningFile-Service.com offers a wide range of options for tuning files. Our options include, but are not limited to:

  • Tuning files stage 1,2,3,4
  • Decat 
  • Flaps 
  • Vmax 
  • Torque Monitoring off
  • Swirl Flaps off
  • Hard Cut Limiter (Diesel)
  • Performance Gauge BMW/MINI/VAG
  • Launch Control
  • AdBlue
  • Warm start 
  • MAF OFF (if possible)
  • Antilag
  • Pop & bang/crackle map 
  • DTC
  • Rev Limiter
  • Cylinder on Demand off
  • E85 Conversion
  • Warranty Patch (BMW/Mini/VAG)
  • O2 / Nox off

For Stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 tuning we can also perform turbo upgrades in-house. Problems with Vmax, DTC, EGR and DPF are easily solved by ChiptuningFile-Service.com using modified software. ChiptuningFile-Service.com supports all tuning tools and Checksum software.

ChiptuningFile-Service.com Team

Our team consists of specialized developers with years of experience in tuning cars, vans, trucks and tractors. ChiptuningFile-Service.com has wide network of developers with experience in motor management. Together we develop optimized ECUs for vehicles to increase power and reduce fuel usage.

ECU recovery support

Sometimes an ECU no longer responds after flashing the car. This can be for one of many reasons, such as incorrect checksum calculations, using the wrong flash protocol or wrong ECU software. ChiptuningFile-Service.com reset almost any ECU to its factory settings and get it back up and running. This service is only available to our dealers.

Recovery after failed bootmode modification

Even with the right skills to open the ECU and the correct SMD soldering techniques the ECU can get damaged after programming it in bootmode. In some cases ChiptuningFile-Service.com can repair or recover the ECU or provide you with a new or revised ECU. Costs are determined based on the type of problem and ECU. This service is only available to our dealers.

How to become a ChiptuningFile-Service.com dealer?

A dealer is a user registered by ChiptuningFile-Service.com with a company account.

Chiptuning Tools

ChiptuningFiles-Service.com works with the best tools in the business available. The four most common brands which we work with are the best tools. We are proud to announce that we are a premium dealer of , CMD, Alientech, Magic motorsport, Autotuner and Winols equipment. We recently moved our webshop to Pro-Tuningtools.com. There you can find our assortment of chiptuning tools, accessoires and more.

Excellent customer service

We also assist our customers with their tuning proces by providing an excellent support system. The support system makes it possible for customers to request custom adjustments when needed as not every vehicle reacts the same to adjustments and vehicles usually are not in the same condition. It is hard for us to check a vehicle’s condition on a distance and that is why the support system is so useful. It really helps to serve customers in a better way, whether it concerns consumers or businesses.?

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