Chiptuning files for Lancia Phedra

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Chiptuning table for Lancia Phedra

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Chiptuning files Lancia Phedra

Chiptuning files Lancia Phedra ( All ) (5)Types

Standard Power (BHP) Upgraded Power (BHP) Standard Torque (NM) Upgraded Torque (NM)
Chiptuning files Lancia Phedra ( All ):
2.0 JTD 110hp
110 132 250 295 Info
Chiptuning files Lancia Phedra ( All ):
2.0 JTD 120hp
120 165 300 390 Info
Chiptuning files Lancia Phedra ( All ):
2.0 JTDm 136hp
136 165 320 375 Info
Chiptuning files Lancia Phedra ( All ):
2.2 JTD 128hp
128 160 314 400 Info
Chiptuning files Lancia Phedra ( All ):
2.2 JTDm 170hp
170 195 370 435 Info
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