Alientech KESSv2 Slave (Tool)

Alientech KESSv2 Slave (Tool)

If you are looking for a professional tool for OBD communication with the ECU, available for cars, trucks, tractors and motorbikes, you are looking for the KESSv2. It is updated completely automatically and is available in several languages. The only thing you need to do are the tuning operations. KESSv2 is innovative plus greater security is provided during reading and programming. This makes it possible to make safely back-up copies of the ECU, but it also provides the ability to support multiple lines of communication and an ever increasing operating speed. The communication protocols and software of the KESSv2 are both available in MASTER and SLAVE version.

The first time you use KESSv2 you realize just how easy and quick it is to get updates, download operating manuals, start reading an ECU, manage files, and write the right file at the right moment. You never have to worry about the Checksum or how to make a connection. KESS Suite, the software supplied with the OBD Programmer, helps you choose the car, the bike, the truck, the tractor, or the ECU you want to tune.

Product information:

KESSv2 Slave
The Slave version of the tool allows you to be linked to a MASTER tool sharing the information privately while utilizing the encryptions unique to each Master tool. Whether you are looking to create a Tuner network where your Master will manage file supply to any number of Slaves; or if you want to be a Slave that is connected to an existing Master network of available tuners; either way, Alientech tools allow for flexibility and growth of your business.

  • Read and write tuned files from the most experience tuner network in the world
  • Reading and writing is made easy with our step by step walk-through software; all software updates online automatically every time you open your tools
  • Achieve significant results in your work, while saving time and avoiding errors

Includes: tool and following cables: 094300CAN1 - 144300K201

Available Protocols:

The protocols below are also available as standalone purchase.

  •  14P600KS03 -- Car - Bike OBD Protocols ( € 1.100,00)
  •  14P600KS02 -- Truck OBD Protocols ( € 1.700,00)
  •  14P600KS05 -- Agriculture OBD Protocols ( € 1.700,00)
  •  14P600KS10 -- Marine OBD Protocols ( € 700,00)
  •  14P600KS07 -- Car - Bike - Truck OBD Protocols ( € 2.500,00)
  •  14P600KS08 -- Car - Bike - Agriculture OBD Protocols ( € 2.500,00)
  •  14P600KS09 -- Truck - Agriculture OBD Protocols ( € 2.500,00)
  •  14P600KS06 -- Full OBD Protocols ( € 3.100,00)

10 Free Tuningfiles

(Note: these 5 Free Tuningfiles are only available if the slave is linked to the Master version of

Manufacturer product number:

  • 14P600KS01
Price € 900,00 Excl. VAT Incl 5 free credits

>>Alientech KESSv2 Slave (Tool)

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